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Project Tripod allows you to easily take photos of things that change over time with your phone - no need for specific camera equipment or a physical tripod to be setup.

We use our API to stitch together the images taken of the project so they are aligned, it doesn't matter if the pictures are taken by one or many people or over intervals that can be days, weeks or even years.

This makes it really easy to visually monitor progress of projects and create things like long term time lapses and more.

With Project Tripod it is simple to take photos of things that change over time.

Coming soon to Android and iOS

Your virtual tripod

Take a snap
to set up a tripod
Add to your collection over days, weeks or years
Create beautiful art from your collections and share with the world.


Expensive and heavy camera equipment is no longer needed. Use the app to get an aligned series of shots over any extended time period


Project Tripod gives you the ability to take perfectly aligned snaps over time – be it seconds, weeks, months or years – without needing a physical tripod!


Use crowd sourcing to create a perfectly aligned image collection of the same place or thing over an extended and indefinite time period - you dont even have to be there!


Generate beautiful artwork with the resulting images using the in app creation studio for items such as time-lapse animations and image blends


Share your tripods and the results, encourage collaboration and creation!!


Anyone can contribute to the project of documenting the changing world around us over time, creating a living historical showcase of the world as it transforms.

Who needs Project Tripod

It's for builders

Project Tripod lets builders easily take regular snaps over time of their projects - no tripod or expensive hardware needed. Perfect for keeping track of progress!

It's for the historians

You can chronicle milestones as the world around us changes – whether they be man made such as buildings, dams, infrastructure or natural like flora, ecosystems or the changing seasons.

It's for the creatives

With the images that are collected, you can create beautiful art like time lapses and blends using the in app tools and use the social sharing aspects to share your creations & tripods with the world.

It's for everyone

Project Tripod makes it so simple to take photos of things that change over time. Anyone with the app can set up and add to Virtual Tripods. What will you record with Project Tripod?

Project Tripod - because it’s the moments between the photos when the magic happens.

Get Started

Project Tripod lets us all contribute to the creation of a living historical record that will be treasured for generations to come.

You can get started by viewing the thousands of Virtual Tripods already in place across the globe – or create your own and you too can see that it’s what changes between the photos that’s really important.